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From The Desk Of: Andrea Fulton

Date: Saturday, September 12th 2016

Dear Affiliate Marketers,


If you ask most people, they’ll tell you affiliate marketing sucks. They’ll even go on to say there’s no money it. The real beef these type of people have isn’t with affiliate marketing, but with the lack of results they’ve achieved through it. They automatically assume if THEY can’t make it work, then it’s dead, or it sucks, or it just flat out doesn’t work.

The fact is though, affiliate marketing does work and it works well.


But the internet keeps changing. Some people are honestly telling you what worked four or five years ago, but will get you blocked or even fined now. Others are repeating the things they think SHOULD work, even though they personally have never made a dime from it.
Believe me, I waded through a lot of crap before I learned the right way to build my bridges to a real income.

Which is good because with what you’re about to discover, you won’t have time to pay attention to those kind of people…


You’ll be too busy actually generating commissions to care.


But first, let me properly introduce myself.

My name is Andrea Fulton and over the past eight years I’ve been able to create a six figure income from affiliate marketing alone. Once my friends seen how I was no longer working so many hours, buying food, and paying my bills on time they begged me to show them how to live this way too…


Introducing Affiliate Cash Empire!

Affiliate Cash Empire

Over time, I’ve discovered key traits throughout any successful business. Years of struggling and financial bruises built up to emerge a finely tuned commission generating machine which takes very little money and effort to start up and run.

By the time you’re done going through Affiliate Cash Empire, you’ll have mastered…

  • The Exact tools you’ll need to start generating commissions…
  • The Exact steps you need to take to find a highly profitable niche so you can guarantee successful campaigns…
  • The difference in autoresponders and how to choose the right one so you’ll make sure people actually see your message(Hint: Not all are created equal)…
  • How to set up your autoresponder to minimize time and maximize profits so you’re not throwing money away…
  • How to structure your follow up sequence to increase opens, clicks, and conversion so more people are able to view your offers…
  • How to build a high converting squeeze page to generate leads so you get the most out of your traffic…
  • How to pick the right offer to promote so you can continue selling without the popular “List burnout” (Note: Get this wrong and you risk losing money)…

I’ll also show you some of the non-sexy things like tracking and testing offers to help you increase conversions over time… They may not be “fun” to do but it’s the difference in a couple of hundred dollars a month and a couple of thousand, so important for you to know as well.

I’ve taken everything I wish I knew when I was in your position and combined it with everything you need to know to be successful with affiliate marketing.

Don’t take my word for it though, check out what these guys had to say when they grabbed a copy of it…


Hi Andrea,

I just purchased your latest product Affiliate Cash Empire.

I have not been a customer of yours before until now.

When I purchased I clicked through your oto's as I wasn't sure of your method involved and as a first time buyer I also was  not sure of your teaching style.

Now that I am on the inside of your training I am blown away by your course.

It is exactly what I have been looking for and I love your teaching style and the importance  of providing value for people who will join my future list makes me know I have someone that has the same mindset as myself.

Now that I have seen your training I am kicking myself that I passed up the opportunity to purchase your oto in relation to driving traffic. Is it at all possible to be able to purchase your oto in relation to driving traffic?

Thanks so much for taking the time with my email and questions

I wish you well with your product and I look forward to learning from you


- Shane Burgoyne

Affiliate Cash Empire is hands down the most in-depth, beginner-friendly Affiliate Course I've ever witness. Andrea breaks down the ins and outs of building a successful affiliate empire by leaving nothing out. A no-brainer purchase for anyone who is seriously interested in making money in 2016 through affiliate marketing. At such a low price, don't flinch, just get Affiliate Cash Empire, you will not regret it.

- Tim Vega

You can rest easy knowing someone actually has your back…

This is a complete newbie friendly way to start generating an online income within a matter of weeks. And at any given time, if you have any questions at all, I’m simply a support ticket away to help you succeed.
I’ve even developed a few “separate trainings” for you absolutely free when you pick up a copy of Affiliate Cash Empire today. Just take a look at these…

Easy List Hacks - "Learn How to Squeeze More Money Out Of Your Email Lists, Optimize and Increase Efficiency & Profits!"

Auto Response Profits - "Inside This Easy To Follow 5 Day Crash Course You Will Be Introduced To The Power Of Using Autoresponders to Increase Your Profits Online!"

Profiting with Affiliate Programs - "Are You Ready To Learn Valuable Affiliate Profit Information, Tips & Techniques?"

I’m officially handing you the exact system I’ve used to generate a six figure income for the past 5 years

Look, there’s other ways you can make money easier than this. But they mostly revolve around jail time or a $2 lottery ticket.

Neither one of which are good for your success. So it really comes down to a couple of paths. You can go out and gamble away what little savings you have for that “huge payout” from the lottery and become disappointed and pissed when you’re not the one in 300 million people to win it… Or you can invest into the Affiliate Cash Empire and benefit from our 30 day, money back guarantee.

To get started, just click below…

Affiliate Cash Empire

See you soon!

P.S. You can keep guessing and getting different results (if any) every single time. You can keep following outdated tactics and people who have no skin in the game… Or you can pick up Affiliate Cash Empire today and benefit from the time and money I’ve invested to figuring out exactly what works… Just click here to get started.